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The Debut Album!

"Light For Us All

Meet The Band

The Band

The first music video

Bassist, Cory Parker, brings a wealth of experience to IRONSMITH. Growing up in a family of professional musicians and seeing the joy and fun in the playing of music led Cory to an ideal of becoming a professional musician himself. He is truly a multi-instrumentalist. Cory began playing music professionally in touring bands, and has played guitar, drums, and bass, sometimes playing in several bands simultaneously. Cory enjoys bringing his unique perspective to the writing and arranging process to IRONSMITH in a way that best serves the music. 

Darin Drury is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who resides in the alternative rock band IRONSMITH. His songwriting reflects an eclectic range of styles. He started playing music taking piano lessons at 6 and trombone in the 6th grade. He got his first guitar as a teen and is mostly self taught, aside from some lessons in New Orleans. He has played in various bands and was a scholarship player in a jazz ensemble in college. 

IRONSMITH drummer, Ed Thomas, began his pursuit of music at a very early age. His parents were musically gifted, and they exposed him to a wide variety of musical styles. He received his first drum kit for Christmas at age 10 and never looked back. At 14, he started playing drums exclusively. Ed has played drums with several bands over the years, and enjoys writing, arranging and recording original music. Listeners will get a sense of his diverse musical palate in the music of IRONSMITH. 

Cory Parker - Bass

Ed Thomas - Drums

Darin Drury - Guitar, Vocals & Keyboards

Photography by: Kevin Lamb Photography & Artist Expansion

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